Membrance Elements

Tiaano, a well-equipped in plant facilitated company delivering DSA Titanium Anodes and Nickel Cathodes – Design, Supply, Refurbishment, and Recoating & Zero gap Retrofitting by using Precious metal oxides of…
Iridium, Ruthenium, Palladium etc.

We design and manufacture new anode and cathode element for membrane electrolyzer. Since 1994 we have been carrying out the refurbishment and recoating of chlor alkali electrodes. The finish warranty starts in a min. 8 years / max. 10 years depending on current density. We produces metal oxides from precious metal sponge at its own refinery. Our coatings have been in operation for over a decade …

Cells of UHDE / UHDENORA / DENORA / CEC, INEOs / ICI, ELTECH / OXYTECH / DENORATECH, AGC (Asahi Glass) and AKCC (Asahi Kasei).

1 square meter of membrane elements consist of titanium anode and nickel cathode, which are coated with platinum precious metals (Ru & Ir). The anode and cathode components are all corrosion resistant materials with guaranteed maximum service life. Each element is sealed by means of flange, gaskets and fasteners. All elements are tested before operation to ensure they are 100% leakproof. The materials such as membrane, gasket and fasteners are not included in our scope and will be provided based on client request. The single element can be easily replaced in no time. The elements are assembled in an electrolyser cell house, where leakage tests are performed. Just one type of element in an electrolyser hence, no end elements are required. Expensive jackscrew systems, such as those used in filter press electrolysers, are also not required. Based on the production capacity requirement, the number of elements will be provided.


Chlorine : 170 kpd per element.
Caustic : 187 kpd per element.
Hydrogen : 4.80 kpd per element.
Sodium Hypo : 1.40 tpd per element.
Length : 170 kpd per element.
Width : 1400 mm (approx.)
Current Density : 6 kA (max)
Type : Monopolar.
Inlet Feed (NaCl) : 300 ~ 305 Gpl.
Outlet Anolyte conc. : 220 ± 05 Gpl
Outlet Catholyte conc.  : 32 ± 1% Gpl
Anode : Titanium
Cathode : Nickel
Catalyst : Platinum group (Ru + Ir) of precious metals.