MMO / Titanium Disc anode Rubberised, 50 Amps

MMO coated titanium Disc anode is mainly designed for Ship Hull, Floating offshore surface and Wind turbines installed in Sea. It is available with all installation accessories and diver changeable at underwater. Its nominal current output in seawater is 50 Amps DC, active surface of 0.08 M2.

Disc anode is made from commercially pure titanium substrate, confirming ASTM B 265 Gr.1 and active surface is activated with Mixed Metal Oxide of platinum group precious metal of Iridium and Tantalum. 

Nominal DC output capacity of the anode is 50 to 75 Amps with the design life of 20 years. Anode is encapsulate with either EPDM or neoprene rubber with embossed sealing gasket rings for water proof. 

Anodes are made for replacement market.  It can be supplied with cofferdam for new buildings or retrofit installations.  Normally anodes are available from stock. 



 MMO coated rubberised Disc Anode

 Model No.



 Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

 Country of Origin




 NACE - TM - 0108 & ICE Class


 20 Years

 Nominal Current

 50 DC Amps

Anode MOC



 Substrate (active)

 Commercial pure titanium ASTM B 265, Gr.1


 Commercial pure titanium ASTM B 348, Gr.2


 Iridium + Tantalum


 EPDM or Neoprene

 Sealing Gasket

 Embedded O-rings in encapsulation


 Dimension Drawing





 Normally from ex stock


 for substrate & MMO bonding with Titanium



 Rugged and compact design

 Long life span

 Built-in O-ring Sealing


 Marine structures

 Ship Hull

 Floating Surface

 Wind turbines, Pilings, Piers and Jetties.

 Freshwater structures